1)  Why use the Collaboration Bank (CB)?

CB is an online platform, which facilitates the global sharing of research materials. In addition, you can organize and sort all of your research materials, either publicly or privately, in a more efficient way.

If you are starting a new research project or would like to test your hypothesis, you can easily search the collaboration bank for the materials you need. If you find it, Great! Go ahead and contact the researcher or the lab who has the samples and start collaborating. If you are not able to find your samples, then you can ask the CB scientific community if someone is willing to collaborate with you.

2) Why share research materials with others?

Research materials are the fuel for any kind of research, innovation, and discoveries. Therefore, we put a huge effort into producing research materials/ samples needed. Every lab produces different types of materials however, from our experience, many materials are wasted as we do not use them fully. The unused materials are very helpful for other researchers. We can start collaboration by sharing the research materials/ samples with other researchers.

3) Are you allowed to share research materials with others?

You have to know which kind of research materials / samples you are sharing. Take into account your country legal issues. Also consider filling out an MTA (material transfer agreement) form, You can read more about  MTA form here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Material_transfer_agreement

Researchers from the University of Oulu should contact Maarit Jokela (maarit.jokela [at] oulu [dot] fi) regarding the required material transfer agreement.

4) What materials you can share with others?   

There are many materials you may share with other researchers. This is, of course, different from one field to another. In fact, it is your responsibility to decide what you can or cannot share with others.

5) How to overcome the high shipping cost?

We have users from different universities and from different countries. When you search any samples, it’s recommended to look for the samples which are closest to you.

6) Can anyone see the materials you added to the private table?

No, only your lab members that lab admins or the lab PI assigns, can see the materials added in the private table. On the other hand, if you are willing to share some samples or materials with other researchers, you can add them to the “Research materials for Sharing”. All materials listed in the table of research materials for sharing will be visible for everyone.  

7) Why is the collaboration Bank optimal for the lab leader?

Through CB, you can easily find and obtain research materials/samples needed for your research. The lab leaders (PI/ Professors) are often very busy and CB platform allows the lab leaders to easily track all the materials / samples in the lab.

8) How to find and request research materials in the collaboration bank?

Please check this video from here:

9) How to share your samples with other researchers on the collaboration Bank?

Please check this video from here:

10) How to sort your private lab materials in the most efficient way?

Please check this video from here:

11)  Does the Collabration bank own or maintain the samples in any way?

Clearly NO. We neither own nor guarantee the quality of the samples. The owners of the materials/samples are solely responsible for sharing, quality and ethics related to the samples.

12)  How we protect your data?

All the information is handled securely via cryptography technologies (SSL) and uploaded materials are stored in an encrypted form in our protected databases.

13)  What is the platform’s legal responsibility?

Our platform is a place for all researchers to exchange research materials with each other . As stated clearly above, and in our terms of conditions, all the researchers are responsible for the legal issues related to sharing the samples. We do not carry any legal responsibility regarding the kind of research materials that are shared as well as copyrights or patent related to the materials. All researchers have to be sure that they have the right to share or obtain the samples.

14) Is CB platform free of charge?

The first hundred joined labs in the CB platform will be free of charge and others will be subjected to some charge and this information will be updated here shortly.